Choosing The Best Game To Stream

Choosing The Best Game To Stream

Timing your streams is something essential when trying to get the most out of your time in terms of viewers and overall watchtime on both Twitch and Youtube. Picking a time to start putting your content out there is crucial, be it for Uploading videos or Starting a Livestream. But there is another trickier part, picking the right game at the right time.

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Your Choice Of Games & You

Most of us would say “Well I play what I want/like” and you are right on this, in the end, your pick of games boils down to what you want to enjoy. 

Do not play what you don’t want to, do not grab games you don’t like, but will play just because of it’s “fame” factor which would make you think that It may reap results for your streams, it isn’t the way to go about things and often comes to a bad impression really.

Timing a game can often lead to great results, making good calls on your pick, keeping an eye out for games that aren’t overwhelmingly streamed and keeping up on new games coming out soon (yes, that can greatly help) are factors that can give you small pushes to grow.

A Recent Example 

Shadow of War was announced a few months back. As the first game was well-received this generated a lot of hype and attention to the franchise. People either went back to the first title Shadow of Mordor or went back watching streamers play it. Basically, the interest of the first game rose due to the announcement of the second entry of the game.

This the easiest way to pick a game for your streams, keeping an eye out for new releases, as they usually push the prequels of it to a new interest peak giving you a chance to get some curious people to peek into your stream. With E3 having now passed, a lot of other titles gained interest too, so you have a lot of options.

There are obviously other ways to make a good call about your choice of games, but this one is by far the easiest to help you make a choice.


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