Bots For Mixer

Bots For Mixer

There are some excellent bots available for use on Mixer.

Recommended Size: Any

ScottyBot! That's the one I use and can talk about in the greatest length. Adding the bot is really simple, it's literally pressing two buttons, one on the website and one on beam to authenticate it. It will join automatically and will be able to help you moderate your streams. It also has a java GUI which you can download and use. The full list of features can be found on the website.

BlipBot! A popular choice as far as I can tell. Very easy to add to the channel and has plenty of features. I don't see there being a GUI, otherwise should make a great tool for moderating your chat. Check the link for full list of features.

StreamJar! A very fancy looking option with a GUI on a website. My impression is that it has less features overall, but helps you manage your donations. Check the site for more information.

BenBot! Follows the vein of having a lot of features like BlipBot and Scottybot and has a GUI on a website. More info on the website.