Why should you use Final Cut Pro X?

There are a lot of video editing software out there ranging anywhere from freeware, such as Windows Movie Maker, to the highest end software used in Hollywood. Mac users will be glad to know that Apple has kept creators in mind by releasing a video editing software that stands with the best, Final Cut Pro X

Recommended Size: Everyone

What You Need:

  1. Macintosh Computer

  2. OS X 10.11.4 or higher

Why consider Final Cut? The Price.

Final cut is a great editing software for the price of only $300 USD, which is half the price of what Sony Vegas Pro costs. So right off the bat, you are saving HALF of the money you would for a very similar product. An advantage over Adobe users is this is a one time fee compared to the $50 USD per MONTH you have to pay for the Adobe Suite.

  • This means if you don’t have the $600 needed for Sony Vegas, and not interested in paying monthly for Premiere, you can get an editing software that runs very similarly to the both.

The next reason, export time!

Now, this can seem like a weird reason to care about an editing software but it can mean everything for a time crunch. Final Cut can export much faster than Premiere can at the straight installed settings. So without going in and messing with “insert big fancy name here” you get time saved. For example, if you take the same video edited the same way and export it in both Premiere and Final Cut the results are quite interesting.

  • Final Cut exports the video in about 10 minutes, while with the same settings/encoder Premiere takes a whopping 20 MINUTES! Double the time that Final Cut takes! Again, this is another Check into the “Yes” box for Final Cut.

Now to move into the Cons list.

So Final Cut, like any software, does have it’s flaws. Now, these are no reason to absolutely not purchase it, but definitely a reason to consider before you spend your money.

  • First and foremost, the hotkeys

    • This can mean everything to some users, especially if they are used to other software. The hotkeys for Final Cut aren’t exactly “logical” or form-fitting. For example, Premiere uses “V” for the Select tool, and “C” for the Cut, or Razor Blade, tool. Meanwhile Final Cut uses “A” for select and “B” for the Cut tool.

  • Secondly, chroma keying

    • Chroma keying is fairly straightforward in Final Cut, pretty simple to do so why is it a Con? Because it doesn’t always like to work the same. You can have 2 separate clips, recorded under the same lighting with the same backdrop and Final Cut will still not treat them 100% the same. Especially if one of the on the screen talent has platinum blonde hair.

All in all, Final Cut is a fairly decent editing software for the price. It is a major upgrade from iMovie and won’t completely break the bank. Are there better options out there? Absolutely, but that will always be true as it is always user preference for editing software. If you found this article helpful in your decision, make sure to share it with your friends or anyone else who you know might be considering using Final Cut!

Get more information here: https://www.apple.com/final-cut-pro/

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