Twitter & Instagram Quick Tips


A good way to get exposure is to always be tweeting at least a few times a week/month (make sure it's quality though) and having a decent blend of retweeting and liking in there as well.

Make sure you comment on large channels, but don't do it to spam. Do it when you can provide value or enjoy yourself better. Think of it as claiming a bit of social media for yourself. If you can think of what you expect out of your own social media feed, hold yours to that same standard. Don't retweet stuff that isn't worthy of your timeline. The main benefit of Twitter that I see is being able to generate a lot of impressions for a low investment in time.


The name of the game is hashtagging the crap out of your comment section and frequent uploads. If you can do your content through instagram live then you will likely go much further on this platform.  Make an effort to be fashionable and don’t be afraid to take 100 selfies and only publish 1 or 2.  

You may not be photogenic, but Instagram doesn’t just have to be pictures of you, it can be what you’re doing, things you enjoy, special graphics made specifically for instagram, pretty much anything.  I'd say the main advantage of Instagram is to reach a lot of people that may have diverse backgrounds.