How to Measure Success on YouTube

Uploading to YouTube can be a daunting task, you never quite know if your video was a hit or not. What results should you be getting? How do you judge if your content was well-received?

In this article I'm going to suggest a few metrics I use when uploading a video and tools that you may find useful to measure success on YouTube. Each channel is different so tailor my method to your needs.

My metrics

As promised, here are the metrics I currently used to measure a successful video (per upload):

  • 5 Comments per 1000 views (0.5%)

  • 4 likes per 100 views (4%)

  • 14 views per 100 subs (14%)

  • 30% + retention

  • 1 sub per video

Each figure means something different for your video, for example the view to sub ratio indicates how 'clickable' your content is whereas the like to view ration indicates how well-received the content was.

If you manage to hit all five, generally you’ve made a pretty nice video.

Now, these figures are just an approximation I created about a year ago after doing some research and averaging out several popular YouTubers results.

For example, Pewdiepie (on average) hits the following:

  • 5% view to sub ratio

  • 6% like to view ratio

  • 1% comment ratio

This goes to show the system isn't foolproof and the situation is different for each YouTuber, so adjust your results accordingly.

Tools to help

There are two main tools available to help keep track of success.

We also have discount codes for each on our discounts page.


TubeBuddy is a useful tool in general, but it also comes with something called 'Videolytics' allowing you to see how your video is performing on the video itself. It also has algorithm to let you know if the result is good or bad for your channel.

Here's an example from my latest video:

ICX Media

ICX Media is a platform that measures your performance based upon your peers, it also provides loads of analytics-based tools useful to content creators. Not least providing a place for brands to offer you opportunities and reccomended actions for you to try on your channel.

Currently free and in-beta, now is a great time to check it out!

Check out their 'My Progress' page:

I’ve not hit any of these targets

Not to worry, it might just be unlucky or it could be your content. Or it could be too soon, give it at least a week before panicking.

Here’s some steps to follow when moving forward:

  1. Check where your audience retention drops off, there could be a particular part of the video where you ‘lose’ people.

  2. Check your traffic sources and demographic info, do the people watching this video match up with who would enjoy it? If not, tailor your SEO accordingly.

  3. Ask yourself honestly - ‘Would I watch this?’ - If the answer is no, you need to figure out why.

  4. Ask some friends or other YouTubers what they honestly think, react accordingly. The NewTubers discord and subreddit are great places for this.

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