YouTube Community: Messages

YouTube Community: Messages

Below you will find a brief description of YouTube’s Messages feature in the Community section of the Creator Studio

Recommended Size: Any

YouTube allows you to privately communicate with other creators or anyone with a YouTube account. In order to do so you need to go into your messages.


The Messages section is split into 4 parts:

  • Approved Messages: This is your inbox
  • Filtered Messages: Messages that include words from your blocked words list
  • Likely Spam: Allows you to sort through messages you have received and approve them, remove them, or report them as spam
  • Sent messages: This is your outbox


Many creators are not aware that there is a way to privately communicate on YouTube. It is important to know this feature because many outside companies will require you to confirm your account in order to receive sponsorships or endorsements. The way they normally request your confirmation is through an email AND a private message.




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