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How to Measure Success on YouTube

Uploading to YouTube can be a daunting task, you never quite know if your video was a hit or not. What results should you be getting? How do you judge if your content was well-received?

In this article I'm going to suggest a few metrics I use when uploading a video and tools that you may find useful to measure success on YouTube. Each channel is different so tailor my method to your needs.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a blogging-social networking platform, a fairly decent one (despite it's reputation) with some unique features worth exploring.

You can even use a Tumblr blog as a cheap, feature-rich website.

TOKYO - A Japanese researcher has developed -- by accident-- a new type of glass that can be repaired simply by pressing it back together after it cracks.

The discovery opens the way for super-durable glass that could triple the lifespan of everyday products like car windows, construction materials, fish tanks and even toilet seats.

Thousands of websites are quietly fighting ad blocking

Websites aren't always conspicuous in their attempts to combat ad blockers. Researchers from the University of Iowa and UC Riverside have learned that 30.5 percent of the top 10,000 websites have measures to thwart ad blocking, and they're frequently using methods you wouldn't likely notice. Many use scripts to introduce 'bait' content that sets off ad blockers, prompting the site to relaunch ads in a way that blockers might not catch.

Amazon hopes for major expansion of its online ad business

You probably don't associate Amazon with online ads outside of sales pitches for Echo speakers, but you might think differently in the near future. CNBC sources claim that Amazon is aiming to expand its online ad business well beyond its own sites and products. It's partnering with mobile ad houses to link promos on mobile and TV, for instance -- you'd see a commercial on the big screen followed by a related ad on your phone. It reportedly wants to expand its video ads, as well, by creating "branded" videos with celebrity hosts.

While OBS is used for streaming, it’s a very useful recording software when configured correctly. Today I will show how to add separate audio tracks to OBS and allows you record independently of each other. This tutorial is meant for Windows users. Mac users will have to wait for another day.

Ideas for Conforming Different Aspect Ratios

One thing you might come across when editing videos (particularly gamers, news channels or video essayists) is the need to feature 4:3 footage (such as 1024x768) in a 16:9 video.

This can present a small problem that needs resolving, especially if you want to retain a high level of quality in your videos.

How to setup Wheel Decide in OBS

Wheel Decide is an online program that gives you a wheel similar to Wheel of Fortune that you can edit and use for making decisions and viewer interactivity in streams and videos!